I’m running for the LA School Board because I know there is so much more that we as a community can and must do to ensure that every child in Los Angeles has access to a great school. On the School Board, I will:

Ensure that all students, especially our most vulnerable, can graduate ready for success in college and careers.

Too many of our students are being left behind. We must all take responsibility to ensure every child receives a great education, including our students from low-income households, English language learners, and students with special needs. I will work to bring better training for pre-service and in-service teachers to provide more support to students who need it.  I will work to ensure our schools are fully staffed so that our kids have access to caring professionals to meet their unique needs. And I will preserve and expand families’ options for different high-quality models, including magnets, pilot schools, dual-language programs, career and technical education, effective charter schools, and work-based learning, that have all been proven to educate kids well.

Increase access to supportive services and expand wraparound supports through partnerships.

Our students need more support, from instructional aides to staff members that can speak their native language to counselors to deal with trauma. We cannot ignore the needs of the whole child as we seek to prepare them for their next academic hurdle. As your board member, I will work to ensure that every child receives a well-rounded education that includes the arts. I will also partner with nonprofit organizations, other governmental entities, and institutions of higher education to expand support services and break down divisions within the government to better provide services to our schools.

Support teachers to provide high-quality instruction for all children.

We can and must do more to ensure every teacher in every classroom is providing a great education for our kids. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we need tailored training to support individual teacher’s growth. We need to empower teachers and create more opportunities for leadership, such as mentorship programs and hybrid positions for teacher leaders. We need to revamp teacher recruitment so that we are partnering with effective teacher preparation programs, increasing teacher diversity so that our classroom teachers reflect the communities they serve, and preparing our schools to combat the coming nation-wide teacher shortage.

Empower school leaders.  

Too often, our school leaders are overloaded and understaffed. I will advocate for investing in school-based staff and increasing autonomy over budget and instruction so school leaders have the power to make their schools the best they can be. It is more important than ever to ensure that every school has a safe and supportive climate that welcomes all kids and families. We must provide meaningful tools and resources to teachers and school leaders, help all schools implement restorative justice and positive behavioral supports faithfully, work collaboratively with families and community partners, and swiftly tackle instances of bullying.

Make sure school board decisions are made with community input.

Our schools belong to the community, and our school board needs to be more responsive to community needs. I want to increase opportunities for parents and families to weigh in on critical decisions. By rotating our Board meeting locations, allowing for more frequent feedback through the website or text messages, and creating structures to promote parent engagement at school sites, we can come together to improve our schools. I will also work to transform the District’s outdated website and its public reporting of student and school progress into a 21st Century system that allows for more transparency. The community needs better access to critical information on how our students are doing and how the District’s decisions get made.  Your input will guide my decisions as your representative on the school board.